3D powered product visuals for eCommerce
Scapic is a one-stop shop for all your high converting 3D & AR product visuals
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Stand out from your competition with high converting product visuals

3D Product Visuals

Boost Order Values by up to 39%
Give your customers a 360° view of the item on your product display page and increase customer engagement.

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Augmented Reality

Reduce product returns upto 29%
Take the guesswork out of understanding product size and color by letting customers place products in their space. No app-downloads or logins necessary

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Product photographs

Increase conversions by up to 27%
With 3D and CGI technologies we can create realistic images of your product staged in any setting of your choice.

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3D Configurator

Let your customers place your products in their space and take the guesswork out of understanding product size

  • Chair Type
  • Fabric Color
  • Leg Finish
  • Leg Color
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Easily add a Scapic experience on your favorite eCommerce platform
Why Scapic?
Today's customers have higher visual expectations than ever. We deliver an unrivalled product experience that performs and helps you stand out.
Boost your conversions by up to 2x

Increase average cart values and aid customer confidence on your website with eye-catching images and interactive product experiences that convert.
Up to 29% reduction in product returns

Scapic helps your customers view your product from all sides and helps them make sure your products are just right.
No Code Integrations

Simply plug and play a Scapic experience to your website as easily as you would a YouTube video.
Track usage & ROI with Actionable Analytics

With our analytics dashboard, track the metrics that matter from customer views, dwell time and checkout we help you optimize your product performance.
Improve Time to Market

With our functional Digital Asset Management System manage asset flow from creation to distribution easily.
Optimize your Spend

Skip the expensive studio costs & agency fees, with Scapic you optimize on time and spend garnering a better ROI.
What our customers are saying
9/10 B2B marketing managers would recommend this product to a client
Ravi Khushwani, CEO, Greensoul

“This is a reputed, professional and supportive team who helped us with new-age AR technology your brand doesn't want but it needs. The results provided by them are timely and support is quite satisfactory.”
Gaurav Kumar, CTO, Wakefit

“Scapic team were very proactive is chasing our requirements and coming up with suggestions to meet our expected outcomes. Average session duration on product pages has improved and quite a few percentage of users engage with the 3D and AR models before making the purchase”
Pavan Sheth, Business Manager, Wavemaker

“Scapic helped in quicker and experiential demos to the our clients which meant higher conversion rates and we were able to keep our clients ahead of the competition by consistently improving reach. Though AR”
Jijo Gopal, Head of E-Commerce & Marketing, Celio

“We wanted something different and more engaging as we were gearing up to launch our India website. Loved Scapic's solution to help our buyers visualise the products in 360 and 3D. They delivered very close to what we had in mind, we wish to take this further globally”
Prathamesh Parab, Product Owner, Unilever

“Scapic have been actively involved in providing us with the exact customized solutions that we have been looking for rather than trying to fit our requirements into their existing offerings. In a way they have been more like problem solvers & less of solution providers!”